Powerful Night of Worship in CFCF

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Tonight, on a night when nobody gave the message, we had about 16 guys come forward after hearing the “message.” It was actually a shared message tonight. Royce, Bob, Michael, Dan and Pat all shared tonight, in varying degrees. And the guys responded!

I noticed something tonight: The last couple of times that I went in, I hung around the back until it was time for the message. Tonight, I moved to the front during worship. It is so cool seeing the guys up front rocking to Jesus. There were two guys up front in particular. I’ve seen them there before, although I’m not sure of their names. Their enthusiasm was infectious and I found myself clapping and singing louder than I have any right to!

I think the guys appreciate the change in structure. Maybe that’s why they seem to really enjoy our services. Each week has a different leader, who has a different style, and some weeks, like this week, we break from any normal format.

Bob said tonight that we can unhook our seatbelts because the Lord has us protected. I say, maybe it’s time to buckle up. He might have a wild and exciting ride stored up for us.