What a Night at R2R!

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What a Night at R2R!

We held our first worship service, a combined fellowship meeting of Christian Life Center R2R men and women groups, as well as fellowships from other prison and recovery ministries.  I would guess we had the room setup for approximately 50 attendees but before the band began to play, we were unfolding more chairs.  The room was full to capacity.

Wrapped in Grace

A husband and wife team in the worship band shared a powerful testimony of God’s grace in their lives and the lives of their children.  The husband has been delivered from years of a morphine addiction. He sung a song he had written entitled; Carry Me , and by the time he was finished singing the hearts of the walking wounded had opened wide for the Holy Spirit to enter into our midst, and He came like a warm blanket and tenderly wrapped us in His grace.

Occupy the Land

Bob shared a message from Romans 8:37; “We are more than conquerors!“, explaining that Jesus Christ, our Higher Power, has made us conquerors by His finished work on the cross. He continued in the truth of God’s Word, that our responsibility is to occupy “the land”.  Jesus goes before us, the enemy is defeated, we must move forward in faith to occupy the opportunity God has laid the foundation for… our complete victory.

Bob gave an invitation for salvation and prayer.  Many young men came forward to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

Our God is Bigger

As Bob, Royce, Karen and I prayed with those that came; I asked one young man if he would like to ask Jesus into his heart.  The young man replied; “I have already done that.  I would like you to ask Jesus to keep me clean for 90-days.”

I responded; “Do you believe God is bigger than 90-days?!”

At that moment, I looked into his sweet, young face and I remembered all the young men and women who we have ministered to over the years, those who had heard the same gospel message but had not learned to keep the house “cleaned” or how to “occupy” the land for permanent victory.  The message we had just heard was so timely, and so true.  My heart was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit who led me into prayer.  That prayer was for this young man, Shawn, but for all the others too, that they would know and have understanding in the Higher Power Jesus Christ, His work on the cross, and the power of God’s love to keep him from evil, and the temptation beyond what he himself will be able to endure.   The Holy Spirit was pouring the love of God into our hearts, we both began to weep.  The worship continued, and we were “carried” into our Lord’s presence … the sweet, sweet sound of grace … into that timeless place … the throne room of our Father for another touch …  Oh, there is nothing like the Father’s love… to set the captive free.   Amen?

Thank You

I personally, and on behalf of R2R, thank you for your provision in the facilities and faculity at CLC who help us setup and cleanup every week. We whole-heartedly thank you for your prayerful support. We thank the considerate staff, especially Linda and Dawn, who support us in our serving with their own gifts,  talents and resources.  We thank you for the opportunity to serve our community in Bensalem and the Phila-regional area through the Road to Recovery Ministry.  I thank God we have been united to go forth in Jesus name to occupy the land and the the harvest, in such a time as this!

Submitted by Kathryn Heierbacher
More Than Conquerors Ministry, Road to Recovery